Please go and check out and support your local Indy wrestling shows near you. These men and women spend many hours getting ready to give you the fans a great show. Tell them Tank and the 300 Pound Elbow Drop sent ya.

​​300 Pound Elbow Drop

Tank would like to take this time to thank all of his fans and supporters, without any of you this dream would have never been able to dream. I would like to thank a dear friend of mine that has always been there for me, THUG, the " Filipino Warrior " check him out at Grady's MMA in Clearwater, Florida. ( FTWC  for life )

Tank has teamed up E1 Wrestling ( Entertainment One Wrestling ) and has joined the camp of Colonel Brute, alone with his Pose. I am excited about this new move to this great company. Colonel Brute is the manager of champions. I will bring order to E1 and I will make the fan's respect Colonel Brute and the Pose, or severe punishment will be handed out, and you will feel the wrath of the 300 Pound Elbow Drop. Check out the fan hotline of E1 Wrestling 24 hrs a day @ ( 352 ) 325 - 1157 Welcome to the Danger Zone.